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    • Protection of housing
    • Security business
    • Physical security
    • Technical security
    • TPI (technical protection of information)
    • Fire protection system
    • Satellite monitoring
    • Construction and repair work
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    The mission of the company
    Every business is unique, so before offering our customer a particular security scheme, we conduct a comprehensive examination of the intended object. We have a flexible pricing policy.
    We pay great attention to the training of our staff, we Have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Staff training we conduct in our own training centre.
    We bear full material responsibility for protected property. Cover damage up to 1 mln. in favor of the owners of the objects of protection caused by inadequate provision of security services.
    Our company developed effective practice of reception under the protection of large industrial enterprises in the short term, without disrupting the production process.
    The legality
    All types of security services are provided in strict compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, on the basis of licenses issued.
    We always strive to optimize the costs of protection of the enterprise !
    Stand on protection of interests of the client c 2012
    We have entrusted our security
    all partners
    Under our protection more than three thousand facilities throughout Ukraine
    Question / Answer
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    Are there discounts for connection and monthly fee?
    What if the attack happened, when the object is removed from protection?
    The object is protected, if the power goes out?
    Does the company provide financial responsibility for the protected object?
    What do the guards coming to security?
    How to ensure a rapid response to alarm conditions in city traffic?
    Who comes on the alarm?
    I'll get a security complex is the same as in the photo?
    You can install a burglar alarm at the facility where there is no heating?
    Is it possible to order the installation of the equipment on the day?
    Why you should order the protection of business from us?
    The use of
    newest technologies
    in the sphere of protection
    Flexible pricing
    politics at high
    quality of service
    Najkrajsie time
    taking an object under
    the security
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