System access control

The importance of access control Today, access control in enterprises and institutions is a necessary precautionary measure, the price of which is comparable with the benefits. The installation of the access control system (usually it is part of the overall security system) allows to determine the level of access of employees and visitors to certain premises and effectively protects against the penetration of undesirable persons. This is its main function. Areas of application and principle of operation Access control systems can be placed: in offices; business centers; at industrial enterprises; warehouses; in educational institutions; on any regime objects, where protection is provided. The installation of the ACS takes into account all the features to adapt it to your agency or company. Our firm, in the person of professional staff, ensures that access control systems always justify their cost. The ACS consists of the following elements: User ID. This is a pass in the form of cards, keyrings, etc., giving the opportunity to pass the control point. Reader. Device that transmits information from the identifier. Controller. It can be standalone or networked. Analyzes the received code, then makes a decision - to allow the pass or refuse it. The actuator. It is used in the form of electromechanical and electromagnetic locks, turnstiles, barriers and other. Access control follows the following algorithm. The employee submits his / her personal identifier to the field of action of the reader. Based on the information received, the controller allows input or blocks it. In either case, the action is remembered by the system. If an unauthorized attempt is made to pass, an alarm sounds. An additional function of the ACS can be the accounting of the employees' working hours, which will certainly increase the labor discipline in the enterprise. In order to install the access control successfully in any region you need, not only in the city of Kiev, use the services provided by the "SECURITY HOLDING" company. You can order them on the site.

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